The Capital of Culture

Slemani is a wonderful city filled with many historical and tourist locations. From its beginning, it was the center of many literary and political movements producing some of Kurdistan’s best writers, historians and poets. This has led to the city being known as “The Capital of Culture”. As you enter the city you are greeted by the wonderful scenery of the mountains surrounding the city. From there, facing each other, you have two of the city’s best universities: The Slemani University and the American University of Iraq.

Head further down and you see the recently opened Majidi Mall which contains worldwide known brands such as Pizza Hut and Steak House. The city itself has many known landmarks such the such as Grand Millenium, Azadi Park, Chaviland and the Public park. Beside the public park lays the Kurdish bazaar. It’s serves as an exhibition of Kurdish culture and commodity containing everything from nuts to rosary beads. Inside the Bazaar there lays the Grand Mosque which has some of the finest food stands which sells kebab, chickpeas, and many other grilled meats. From inside the bazaar we see the traditional, but Slemani also has modern restaurants as well. In one of itw quarters known as Sarchinar, we have Nali’s Café and Latona Restaurant. Side by side, these two places gather up youth from the city becoming the normal place for a hangout.

And if you ever get bored from eating or hanging there is a movie theatre not so far off from these two places known as City Cinema. In it you get to enjoy the latest box office movies with some of the best popcorn in all of Suli.


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